Is Guinness Better in the ‘Old Country’?

There are those that claim you’ve never tasted the best Guinness unless you’ve supped one in Ireland, but is this romantic myth-making or are the Irish really blessed with the best black stuff? The Same Guinness However hard you try to serve your pub clientele the perfect pint of Guinness …

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Is Guinness Really a ‘Meal in a Glass’?

Popularly referred to as a “meal in a glass”, does Guinness really offer sufficient nourishment required to keep a body ticking over? The Guinness Diet It is a heinous culinary faux pas committed by ignorant diners across the land – that of accompanying a meal with a pint of Guinness. …

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Why Brits Traditionally Enjoy Warm Beer

Like most nationalities Brits like their beer served cool, so why are they known for preferring it warm and how does temperature actually affect the quality of the drinking experience? Warm Beer Myth Making Americans and ex-Prime Minister John Major (“Fifty years on from now, Britain will still be the …

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