BeerExpert was formed to offer a unique reference point on a guide to buying, making and tasting great beer.

Boasting a culture and heritage at least as rich and varied as wine or spirits, beer is no longer seen as merely a crude intoxicant knocked back on a Friday night to help blot out the everyday. It has become not only something you drink, but something you taste, appreciate, cook with, brew yourself and celebrate!

In the absence of a single UK beer information resource, BeerExpert has been brewed up by a team of aficionados with the aim of aiding navigation through the heady waters of the beer world.

Immersing you in the fascinating culture of beer, the site serves up barrel loads of practical information on the best beer, its history, beer festivals, recognising the various beer types, cooking with beer and advice on making your own. We’ve even got advice on what you can do if your excitement has lead to a crippling morning beer head. We guarantee that afterwards you will look on your glass of beer with fresh wonder and awe.

So if you’ve had your fill of the flat, chemically-altered mass produced lager down your local, and want to move beyond into an exciting world brimming with flavoursome Trappist ales, Czech pilsner, locally produced real ales, black beers or Bavarian wheat beers, then BeerExpert is here to whet your whistle.

Beer Expert