Everything You Need to Know About Beer

Boasting a culture and heritage at least as rich and varied as wine or spirits, beer is no longer seen as merely a crude intoxicant knocked back on a Friday night to help blot out the everyday. It has become not only something you drink, but something you taste, appreciate, cook with, brew yourself and celebrate! In the absence of a single UK beer information resource, BeerExpert has been brewed up by a team of aficionados with the aim of aiding navigation through the heady waters of the beer world.

Beer In The U.K. – A Changing Industry

A recently published report into the beer industry conducted by Venn Research Incorporated estimated the U.K. beer market generated was worth £52.2 billion at the point of sale in 2005. Beer, despite falling in overall consumption in the year previous to this study (partly due to its high taxation) is …

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What Makes a Beer?

Although beer comes in a wide variety of styles, each with their own individual flavours, strengths and textures, beer itself is something very specific. In order for an alcoholic beverage to qualify as a beer it must contain malted barley, yeast and water. Traditionally ‘ale’ contained no hops, and strictly …

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History of Beer

Made of barley, fermented yeast and water and various other ingredients (depending upon the recipe and region), beer is known to have been made by the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians, and is likely to have been in production throughout the world since the 5th millennium B.C. Due to its relatively …

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Drinking Beer For Breakfast

Now, this is where we seemingly might get into a dodgy territory – drinking at breakfast is considered a little taboo on account of it being bad for your health and your career prospects! However, we must caution that the title ‘Drinking Beers for Breakfast’ suggest not that you purely …

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How To Sell Beer Online

Avoiding that Hangover

In a culture where drink is integral to both work and play for many people the hangover can be an all too frequent reality. There are many novelty preventions and cures, most of which work to varying degrees. However, the best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink. …

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Italian Beer

Italy is not well known for its production of beer chiefly because Italians tend to prefer drinking wine which they produce in abundance and very successfully. However Italy is home to the production of several light lagers as instantly quaffable as many of their white wines. Some of these such …

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Beer & Taxation-A History

Unfortunately for those who might bemoan the current government’s alcohol taxation policy, we have had an alcohol tax since 1690, when Britain’s principle drink was Ale. Back then the law was introduced to fund wars and the Bank of England actually only ever guaranteed funding to the British government on …

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Beer and Your Health

Beer is credited with a plethora of health and social problems, ranging from morning headaches to alcoholism, to liver and heart problems, mental health problems, to noise, anti-social behaviour and street violence. When you compare this to the civilized and civilizing reputation of wine, we may wonder if there is …

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High Status Beer

Impressing prospective family members or business partners by clicking your fingers and ordering a Jeroboam or a Methuselah may be a distant memory thanks to the effects of a credit crunch. But for those lucky souls whose plastic can still punch above its weight when it comes to the drinks …

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How the Economy effects Beer Consumption

Pictures of disconsolate financial-sector workers stirring gloomily into their beer as the credit crunch swelled the ranks of the unemployed were spread recently over the pages of the UK’s national press. Unfortunately for the brewing industry, this is not a sign that even in times of global economic downturn, the …

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