Everything You Need to Know About Beer

Boasting a culture and heritage at least as rich and varied as wine or spirits, beer is no longer seen as merely a crude intoxicant knocked back on a Friday night to help blot out the everyday. It has become not only something you drink, but something you taste, appreciate, cook with, brew yourself and celebrate! In the absence of a single UK beer information resource, BeerExpert has been brewed up by a team of aficionados with the aim of aiding navigation through the heady waters of the beer world.

Finding The Ideal Beer For The Female Palette

First things first – beerexpert.co.uk is written by men, two men. This is something we could probably not very well hide due to the ‘blokey’, if well mannered tone of some of the articles! So, what qualifies this article writer to talk about ‘the female palate’? Well, to counter any …

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Facts About Beer, Beer Names And Breweries

Beer somehow lends itself to humour, daftness and the downright unusual. From breweries operating from converted toilets to unusual beer names and strange combinations of ingredients, there is much in the way to ponder and amuse oneself within the world of beer drinking and brewing. Daft Beer Names and Dafter …

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How To Sell Beer Online

Beer for Every Occasion

As beer is so versatile it is possible to choose a specific beer to suit any point in the day or event in the year. With the idea of serving beer with food growing in popularity, there really is no reason why beer cannot accompany any occasion. (See related article: …

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Serving Beer With Food

Beer is often overlooked as an accompaniment to food, being considered more of a social drink in itself. Whilst wine is known to compliment food, and vice versa, for many people the idea of serving beer with a well-made quality meal would seem eccentric at best; at worst – a …

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Recipes Using Beer

Beer as a substitute for wine at upmarket functions is only just about passable as an idea in some social groups. Beer instead of wine with dinner may take a while to catch on in certain circles. The idea of cooking with beer, however, sounds daft to the point of …

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Using Beer as an Ingredient

Beer can be used as cooking ingredient in starters, main courses and desserts and, given the range of flavours available, could arm the budding house cook with a whole new repertoire of dishes. Beer and Health Far from popular belief, beer is not particularly high in fat, with one glass …

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Beer Festivals

Cancelled more times due to war more times than the Olympic Games, the longest serving beer festival in the world is by now a legendary event, copied the planet over, but never surpassed. The Germans do beer and festivals really very well: The ultimate German beer festival, the ‘Okoberfest’ or …

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Seasonal Beer

Beer, far from being just a drink to ‘neck’ along with a few mates on a weekend, is extremely versatile and lends itself to enjoyment on a variety of occasions. Notably, there are a number of ‘seasonal’ beers that are best enjoyed at the appropriate time of year, as an …

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The Art of Guinness

Guinness, savoured by people the world over, holds something of a legendary status. The company has a tighter grip on its corner of the ‘stout’ market than any other variety of beer worldwide, ever! So what makes Guinness so appealing? Well, its hard to say as the Guinness company have …

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Serving Beer

There are a number of ways to serve beer, and each will affect the drinker’s enjoyment of their drink to some extent, it is rare that much thought is given to serving beer by the average punter. The temperature, type and shape of container will all effect how a beer …

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